Download OM SLIDER application : CLICK HERE

Specially to OVERMOTION products for professional photographers, to creat high quality Time-Lapse
recordings easily .


  • Step Mode: set the step distance, the exposures and step delay
  • Slide Mode: set the motion speed and the exposures delay
  • Programmable Step Mode: set the motion path, number of exposures, exposure and step delay
  • Programmable Slide Mode: set the motion path, number of exposures, motion speed
  • Stop Motion Mode: set the motion path, number of exposures


VideoMach is a multi-purpose video tool useful for:

High-Speed Videos
  • Converts high-speed images and videos to slow-motion video
  • Can display real capture time (in milliseconds or microseconds) on the output video
  • Extra video filters to adjust White Balance, Gamma Correction, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness
  • Imports Vision Research Phantom CINE format (uncompressed)
  • Imports Integrated Design Tools (IDT) RAW format
  • Imports Fastec TS3Cine Bayer-TIFF format
  • Supports other popular image and video formats

Timelapse, Stop-Motion Animation and CGI Videos
Animated GIF, FLI and FLC
Parallel View, Sprite Sheet and Temporal Averaging
  • Parallel View: Show multiple videos side-by-side (use Tools => Matrix => Parallel)
  • Sprite Sheet: Put all input pictures onto a single image (use Tools => Matrix => Serial)
  • Temporal Average: Take a noisy surveillance video and produce a single crystal-clear picture where you can see much more details (use Tools => Temporal Average)

Convert Video to Images
Extract Audio from Video
  • Extract the audio track (or a part of it) from video